Ain’t No Cure For the Summertime Blues!

21 07 2009

Summer = time for taking vacations, spending time with your kids who are out of school, and taking it a little easier. Stop and smell the flowers, enjoy the beautiful weather (in most cases), have a barbecue, and love life!

Summer = more difficulty getting writers for newsletters, blogs, and other publications 🙂

As we, the editors of The Source Newsletter, have discovered as of late, all of you are happily enjoying your summer months with your friends and family. We’ve decided to push back our July articles to allow both you, and us, time to live life. We’ll be bringing you more great content in the month of August, so stay tuned.

Just a couple of updates: our official Twitter newsletter account is now @TheSourceNews. The account belonging to @SourceConDude is now officially the SourceCon Challenge Twitter account. Make sure that you re-follow @SourceConDude so you can participate in the challenge, coming in September.

Thanks for reading us, and we look forward to bringing you great content next month. For now, go enjoy the summer, get a tan, and see you in August!