About SourceCon

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As with many great Secret Societies, the exact genesis of the Organization behind SourceCon is shrouded in mystery.

Much of the story is missing but what has been pieced together is this:

Circa fall 2006 at an un-named eatery (some versions say pub), near a popular industry event, a cross-section of key Professionals from various industries and backgrounds found themselves in heated debate over the events of the day. By the end of the night, and many rounds of good cheer, they realized that they shared a common belief and passion in regards to Sourcing.

The belief was a fundamental changing nature of High Value Talent acquisition creating the need for a comprehensive approach to pure sourcing.

The passion was in finding Innovative ways to master the best practices in the world in the quest to master Talent acquisition.

There are then some sketchy accounts of alien knowledge from Roswell and something to do with a Fibonacci sequence hidden in the art of Da Vinci;

But what we know for sure is a that this Society was created and will be dedicated to the advancement of sourcing as a specialized profession.

The Society believes that the future of Corporate successes will be from those that have master sourcing… and the Society is guardian of this truth.