About The Source

Welcome to The Source! We are very excited to bring you SourceCon’s newsletter, on its own website now, and are proud to be part of history in the making. The idea for a newsletter was born out of the necessity to recognize sourcing and research as separate job functions within the recruitment process, and to provide knowledge and insight to the growing and diverse sourcing and research community.

As search professionals, we have long been lumped into a job category that frankly doesn’t fit us! It’s about time that something exist that is all ours, catered to our interests, and not for the grin and glory of the recruiters with whom we work. While we respect our recruiting brethren, this newsletter is by sourcers, for sourcers, and we look forward to making this a popular and informative publication.

That being said, The Source was started with the belief that there are many researchers/sourcers who share similar values and challenges and with all the tools we have at our disposal now we can communicate like never before. If all of us had more opportunities to share of our knowledge we would all grow far stronger as a community. We are dedicated to the original vision of SourceCon, and that is to let ALL of the voices in our community be heard. When sourcers/researchers all over get together the differences are clear. We speak different lingoes and serve different industry segments, yet despite our differences we also have much in common. Working together in spirit of generosity and mutual respect, we have built a strong sourcing community where we can share of our experiences and help each other accomplish our goals.

This is not a newsletter filled with articles from “the usual suspects” nor is it going to be a showcase of only our creativity. The Source is designed to bring forth and showcase the growing number of talented people in our field, and that includes every one of you. We encourage you to submit your writings for consideration because each voice brings more knowledge of and respect for what we do for the recruiting community. As we work together, more ideas will come up, and many more things will become possible. But the goal won’t change: working together, we can help a build a better sourcing community – one where we can share and grow by connecting people, organizations, and resources in every possible way.

The Source also is not be a platform for self-promotion but rather a place for sharing tools, ideas, and ways to better ourselves as researchers. Our goal is simply to inform, encourage, and empower.

We encourage and look forward to your feedback on how to make this newsletter the best sourcing resource available. Please email us if you want to contribute or have an idea for a topic.